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Allocation 2.0

Energy21 steers you
through this transition

With both technology and consultancy. EBASE, our energy data software, will be ready for the technical challenges Allocation 2.0 brings energy market parties. Past, current and coming phases. Our experienced energy consultants will provide you with the edge to monetize the opportunities Allocation 2.0 brings. Helping your organization mastering ‘the new game’.

Allocation 2.0 is changing the Dutch energy market, forming a guide for the rest of Europe.

With more diverse actors on the grid and energy production becoming more reliant on the weather, uncertainty is increasing. Therefore, it becomes essential to manage the energy system every minute of every day by using smart energy meters. The introduction of smart meters means we now have access to accurate and real-time energy data, but also means we have to deal with its new configurations and data formats. Therefore, Allocation 2.0 brings both challenges and opportunities. Energy21 is here to guide you through this transition.