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Energy Management Software

Energy21's product suite EBASE makes sure you can trust, organize and understand the numbers on which you base your strategic and operational energy decisions. Discover how it's software can empower you to fortify and expand your position within the energy value chain!

Products for Producers

Forecast and plan your energy production. More efficient than ever.

Products for Suppliers

Manage and operationalize complex energy contracts.

Products for Balancers

Balance supply and demand, efficiently and accurately.

Products for consumers

Be in full control of your energy consumption. 

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Powered by EBASE.

EBASE gathers and organizes reliable, transparent and 24/7 available data, and allows for optimization of processes by providing smart and agile algorithms, modeling- and visualization tools, while seamlessly connecting to external systems.



Energy21 is ISO9001 & ISO27001 Certified and maintains a policy of security by design.

Cloud based hosting

Tailored Private Hosting
Primary in Amsterdam 99,9% SLA
Optional secondary in Dublin for 99,999% Failover

24/7 Technical & application support

24/7 Standby service on critical business processes provided by Intercept & standby support team for priority 1 issues.


API’s High-level & Low-level and Regulated Market Messaging

EBASE performance

Energy21 presents: the five V’s of big data

EBASE is not just a regular application. It is a system upon which organisations rely their total energy operations. Therefore, it must be able to handle large amounts of data, fast, in a 100% stable and reliable environment. To illustrate what EBASE is capable of, we present to you: “The five V’s of big data”.


Our largest implementation gathers data of 25+ million connections.



Our fastest implementation processes 20.000 samples per minute, every minute.



Our most varied implementation contains 50+ types of energy contracts.



Over 90% of Dutch energy consumption data is validated with EBASE.



Flexible dispatch of 3+ gigawatt of generation capacity is settled with EBASE.

Overcoming your energy challenges, as a team.

Overcoming your energy challenges, as a team.

We partner with clients across the entire energy value chain, from energy producers to energy consumers. Together, we overcome your energy challenges. 

Use case

Enabling advanced utility management

Case: BASF