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The story of Energy21

Energy21 was founded as "GEN" in 1997. We started out as a wind turbine project developer, only to discover soon after that forecasting of electricity demand and supply was a necessity to make the right decisions. This mindset is at the core of everything Energy21 does: a powerful combination of energy market expertise and rigorous data management solutions.



Our mission

Our mission is: operationalizing sustainable energy strategies. We unleash the potential of sustainable energy in the European energy and utility market by bringing our customers’ strategies to life. Through our full-service technology and extensive expertise in the energy market, we enable our clients to make better informed decisions about their energy operations.


Our vision for the future

Energy21 envisions a world in which the European energy market is completely sustainable, liquid and transparent; where real time data drives decisions drives decisions about how to produce and consume energy. Systems, people and processes need to be applied well to move on with a revolutionised and renewable energy market. Energy21 enables organizations to create a sustainable energy economy, one timeseries at a time. 

About us video

Energy21 is founded as GEN in 1997

Energy21 started as a pioneer in the development of wind energy in the Netherlands. However, we soon discovered that integrating innovative renewable energy sources into the traditional market had its challenges, and there was a need for valuable facts and figures in order to make the right decisions. 


What has changed over the past 25 years?

The past 25 years, there have been a lot of developments in the energy market that paved the way for a more sustainable future. Two major breakthroughs include: 

  • The liberalization of the European energy market in 1998.
  • The final breakthrough of renewable energy. 

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Energy21's 25th anniversary

All smiles during the celebrations of our 25th anniversary at Scheveningen Beach. We’ve had an absolute blast!


Why is Energy21 a great place to work?

During our anniversary celebrations a few colleagues took the stage to elaborate on why they think Energy21 is a great place to work.

Beyond 2023

The future of the energy sector

In these turbulent times we anticipate eight trends that will become relevant in the (near) future and play a vital role in the transition towards a more sustainable and transparent energy market. 

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Overcoming your energy challenges, as a team.

Overcoming your energy challenges, as a team.

We partner with clients across the entire energy value chain, from energy producers to energy consumers. Together, we overcome your energy challenges.