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Ensuring an efficient supply of energy

Energy consumers want to ensure reliable and affordable supply of energy, now and in the future, while complying with laws and regulations. Due to their size and volume, often these industrials need to accurately plan, monitor and settle energy flows in order to control major risks and optimize their operations.


Energy consumers

Large industrial sites often operate their own energy system, in which they act as producer, balancer and consumer. Properly managing these roles requires continuous insight in production plans, market conditions and asset availability, but is challenging because of the vast set of information sources. In today’s energy market, lack of insight can have serious financial consequences. Energy management software ensures accuracy and availability of data at all times.


Energy consumers

Ensuring a reliable, affordable and increasingly sustainable supply of energy is at the heart of industrial energy management. Energy management software allows for planning energy supply and demand, optimizing for costs and monitoring the footprint of energy usage, through smart process automation and application of advanced digital technologies.

Why Energy21?

Energy21 and energy consumers

We ensure your energy management operation becomes future ready, by creating opportunities with advanced digital technology, while ensuring the reliability required in critical operational situations.

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Use case

Case: BASF

Enabling advanced utility management

Case: BASF