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What’s your role within the energy value chain?

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Energy producers

Initiators of the chain

Energy producers aim to forecast and plan the production of energy in the most optimal way. They need to be able to plan their operation with forecasts, steer in real-time and be financially rewarded for these operations.


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energy suppliers

Energy suppliers

Managing flexible contracts

The energy market is a dynamic world, meaning managing energy contracts is a continuously developing task. Energy suppliers manage and operationalize flexible energy contracts. Among others, they need to quote, contract and invoice. But most importantly, they need to give full transparancy by digitally interacting with the customer to provide correct and real-time data.


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energy balancers

Energy balancers

Balancing an energy portfolio

If there’s imbalance in the energy net, all lights go dark. Balancing therefore can be a daunting task. Energy balancers aim to balance supply and demand in their energy portfolio. Balancers plan and forecast what to produce and consume, process real-time data and monitor positions and act upon them. All this data and realizations are untimately used to financially settle operations.


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energy consumers

Energy consumers

Reliable and affordable energy

Energy consumers want to ensure reliable and affordable supply of energy, now and in the future, while complying with laws and regulations. Due to their size and volume, often these industrials need to accurately plan, monitor and settle energy flows in order to control major risks and optimize their operations.


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Fast and accurate data


Data is real-time and 24/7 available, in a user-friendly application

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