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Manage and operationalize energy contracts

Energy suppliers manage and operationalize complex energy contracts. They need to quote, contract and invoice. But most importantly, they need to give full transparency by digitally interacting with the customer to provide correct and real-time data.


Energy suppliers

The energy market is a dynamic world. This means managing energy contracts is a continuously developing task. Energy suppliers need to translate their knowledge of the market to effective invoicing. They face challenges such as having to fulfill the need for sustainable and complex energy contracts, with their corresponding administration-, configuration- and calculation challenges.


Energy suppliers

An energy supplier wants to manage and operationalize flexible energy contracts within a complex energy market in a smooth and controlled manner. Effectively managing risks, invoice in a correct and timely manner and report to relevant stakeholders.

Why Energy21?

Energy21 and energy suppliers 

Energy21 helps energy suppliers by offering consultancy and IT components enabling the execution of complex bespoke energy contracts. Energy21 offers a billing engine supporting complex commodity calculations and market compliant local grid fee and tax calculations. All resulting into clear, transparant and structured invoices via automated workflows, eradicating manual work and manual errors.

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