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Forecast and plan in the most optimal way

Energy producers aim to forecast and plan the production of energy in the most optimal way. They need to be able to plan their operation with forecasts, steer in real-time and be financially rewarded.


Energy producers

Our energy producing clients are the initiators in the energy value chain, and like all actors, have to deal with its complexity. They face a variety of challenges, but incorrect or unreliable information is at the core of their problems, causing incorrect or unreliable production plannings and forecasts, often documented in unqualified and unfriendly systems.


Energy producers

An energy producer wants full control over what to produce, based on the demand in the market. They want fast and 100% accurate data, data that is real-time and 24/7 available, in a user-friendly application. An application that allows for making accurate planning and forecasts while facilitating clear communication to stakeholders.

Why Energy21?

Energy21 and energy producers

By organizing and visualizing complex data streams we create valuable insights for optimization, while making sure all systems are connected to all relevant stakeholders.

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