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Our solutions enable you to
execute 24/7 energy operations.

Energy21’s software makes sure you can trust, organize and understand the numbers on which you base your strategic and operational energy decisions.

Balancing & Shipping

Cover all core processes for the Balancer & Shipper roles in the Dutch and Belgian markets. Activate the full scope of market messages and use them to plan, steer and settle your energy portfolio.


Portfolio Management

Quote, contract, hedge, source and control your energy sales portfolio. Process customer trades and operationalize your portfolio strategy using actionable insights on revenues, risks, costs and open positions.


Energy Management

Optimize your portfolio of production and consumption, using energy data in our powerful EBASE timeseries engine. Combine asset and market data with extensive tooling like configurable processes, validations, formulas, dashboards, tasks and aggregations.


Energy Supply, Contract to Invoice

Start, scale and innovate your energy supply processes from contract to invoice with Ecedo Core. Setup and optimize your product portfolio and ensure an accurate calculation and invoicing process. Automate and manage your customer contracts, workflows and data-exchange with market parties.


Energy Supply Customer Portal

Manage your sales portfolio and connect your resellers with GridHub Core. Provide insight into portfolios and validate sales to ensure high quality data entry into your back-end.
Involve your customers with GridHub Portal. Enable users to manage their customer data, look into contracts, invoices and metered data.


Energy Trade Customer Portal

Enable your end-customers to execute and manage their flexible energy contracts online. Manage trading portfolios, positions, mitigate risk exposure along with the supplier backoffice administration within the cloud-based JuleSmart platform.


Our software in numbers.

Organizations rely their total energy-operations on our software. Therefore, it must be able to handle large amounts of data, fast, in a 100% stable and reliable environment. This is what our software is capable of.



Our largest implementation gathers data of 25+ million connections.



Our fastest implementation processes 20.000 samples per minute, every minute.



Our most varied implementation contains 50+ types of energy contracts, including dynamic customers, EV charging and storage.



Over 90% of Dutch energy consumption data is validated with Energy21 software.



Flexible dispatch of 3+ gigawatt of generation capacity is settled with Energy21 software.