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02 May 2019

A tailored approach to data structuring

The growing need to differentiate in the energy market pushes service providers to become data driven organizations. As data-driven strategies take hold, in reality we see that big data, data lakes and data analytics not automatically deliver on their potential value. The common pitfall is starting with the data and simply ask what it can do for you. We share some insights and considerations that can help you find value in your (data analytical) investments.

One size does not fit all

Have you ever tried to get into a suit that says “one size fits all”? Then you probably know that it never really fits. The suit is either too big and slumps down from your shoulders, or it is too narrow so you can hardly breathe. In both cases: it is probably best to wear something else. The same could be said for an operational data environment and an analytical one.

Combining both purposes in 1 environment enforces opposing needs and requirements to become 1 too. That can result in excessive costs and/or concessions on functionality or prerequisites. The different characteristics ask for a tailored approach for each.

Would you like to know more about data structuring?

For more information, please contact Michiel Dorresteijn (Principal Consultant) via +31 6 117 169 27 or contact Energy21.