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31 January 2020

BASF prolongs partnership with Energy21

To futureproof its position towards the energy market, BASF, one of the largest integrated industrial sites of Europe, has chosen to prolong their partnership with Energy21. BASF is maximizing the value of their energy data supporting its business decision making with the energy expertise and digital solution EBASE of Energy21.

The EBASE platform is a digital solution that processes great quantities of energy data reflecting BASF’s site topology. Analyzing this data results in a better understanding how to improve the individual planning and operations of the utilities while incorporating energy prices, market contracts, technical boundaries and protocols that ensures compliancy to regulatory and legislative requirements.

Frederic Viaene, Head of Utility Management of BASF, said: “We look forward to further develop the platform for the energy intensive industry, which is both innovative and at the same time proven-in-use. The partnership with Energy21 enables us to operationalize our ‘Verbund strategy’, linking and collecting the different utilities in a one-source system, allowing to fulfill our role as grid operator and to optimize our energy operations without compromising on the primary production processes and sustainability goals.”

Energy expertise combined with a dedicated DevOps team supporting the continuous development of the EBASE platform were the main reasons for prolonging the contract with Energy21. “We are very excited to extend our relationship with our long-standing customer and are eager to support them to take even more advantage of digitalization,” said Frank de Jong, COO of Energy21. “With this prolonged contract, BASF confirmed the trust in our energy expertise and digital solutions for the energy intensive industries.”

About Energy21

Energy21 was founded in 1997 and has since established itself as long term partner for renowned energy companies. By combining expertise of the energy ecosystem and its digitalization capabilities, relevant data is transformed into actionable insights based, on the clients’ processes and within their regulatory framework. These insights enable clients to achieve their sustainability goals, improve cost effectiveness and capture market opportunities while guaranteeing security of supply. Our digital tools include the latest developments in database technology that handles exceptionally large data streams (such as large balancing portfolios or complete industry site measurements).

Energy21 is located in The Netherlands (HQ) and is active in European countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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