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29 February 2024

Energy21 Forges Strategic Partnership with Leading Gas Supplier and Shipper

Jules Energy, a division of Energy21, has strategically elevated its stature within the energy sector through a transformative partnership with a distinguished B2B Gas Supplier and Gas Shipper. This collaboration marks a pivotal advancement for Jules Energy, accentuating its unwavering commitment to excellence and unparalleled service provision within the dynamic energy market landscape.

The addition of this esteemed client brings forth a wealth of expertise and proficiency in the specialised domains of B2B gas supply and shipping. Such augmentation not only enriches Jules Energy's operational capabilities but also signifies a harmonious convergence of values, particularly with regards to innovation and sustainability. The newly forged alliance is poised to synergize the strengths of both entities, propelling them towards mutual success and fostering a shared vision for driving positive change within the industry.

This strategic partnership enables Jules Energy to extend its reach across diverse client segments and industries, thereby enhancing its market presence and competitive edge. Leveraging a comprehensive suite of services, Jules Energy continues to serve as a magnet for industry leaders seeking reliable and progressive collaborations, thereby solidifying its reputation as a forward-thinking energy partner of choice.

Michiel Kuiper, the esteemed CEO of Energy21, exudes enthusiasm about the prospects of this partnership, emphasizing its transformative potential and the collective value it brings to customers. "We are delighted to welcome our new client onboard. Their deep-rooted industry expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence perfectly align with our mission to deliver innovative energy solutions. Together, we are well-positioned to catalyse positive change and create significant value for our customers."

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