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27 September 2022

Introducing, Allocation 2.0

Ben Olierook

Sustainability = Uncertainty = Complexity

At Energy21 we are all for a future proof energy system, powered by sustainable energy production and smart consumption. Where consumers are also becoming “prosumers” by injecting solar energy into the grid and discharging their electric car batteries at the right moment. With more diverse actors on the grid and energy production becoming more reliant on the weather, uncertainty is increasing. Making it more complex to balance the energy system every minute of every day.

Introducing Allocation 2.0

The current market data model is outdated

Increasing uncertainty can be countered by more insights and knowledge. Unfortunately, the current market data model is unfit for these new realities on the energy grid. While we have smart meters everywhere - able to measure offtake and injection of energy almost per second - i.e. for households grid operators still only share data on energy consumption alone, on a yearly basis. Making it impossible to create proper forecasts.

What is Allocation 2.0?

Allocation 2.0 is a market program to reset the entire approach on measuring, allocating and settling of energy on the grid between all market parties. Among other things, this means much more and better data, new processes, shifting roles and new technologies. Given the size and impact of the program, it will be executed in several tranches to keep it manageable.

Be ready with Energy21

Energy21 is your partner to steer you through this transition, with both tech and consultancy.

EBASE, our energy data product suite, will be ready for the technical challenges Allocation 2.0 brings market parties. Past, current and coming tranches.

Our experienced energy consultants will provide you with the edge to monetize the opportunities Allocation 2.0 brings. Helping your organization mastering ‘the new game’.