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01 September 2018

Meter data management: the cornerstone of digitalisation

Where large industries and commercial energy users traditionally focused strongly on asset technology, digital technologies enable (near-) real-time steering of your energy operation. Energy21 specializes in making energy related data work for you. We support the complex operational decisions that arise in this process. Including smart meter data management is essential to help you capture and capitalize energy optimization opportunities.

Meter data management: organise before you optimise

Data needed to optimise energy operations is often readily available, e.g. from SCADA or DCS. The problem however is that this data is generally stored unprocessed, unstructured and non-uniform. By applying a smart meter data management solution your data can be made available to anyone involved in process optimisation.

Meter data management (MDM) is essential for combining data from different sources relevant for your operational decisions. Typically this includes actual measurements, production plans, energy prices, weather forecasts, technical capacities and many others.  An MDM system has two essential features. First, it automatically validates and corrects measurement data. Second, it creates uniformity between time series, e.g. by converting from volume to capacity data or by aggregating to standardised time intervals.

Our MDM solution EBASE has a particular focus on structuring data. Instead of having one big database where only those who know what to look for have access to data, we structure data according to your business topology. This makes it much more intuitive to work with available data sources. This way, energy data becomes available for all relevant departments: from energy procurement, to utility planning, to internal invoicing.

From meter data management to complex decision support

One of the most powerful digital applications for your energy operation is using data to support operational situations that require swift and accurate decisions. For example when an energy generating asset trips or when a short term market opportunity arises, you want to have all relevant data available to your operators. This way, you allow them to take exactly those steps to handle the situation in the best possible way.

Step one in this process is to analyse different scenarios that can occur and define the possible solutions, taking into account all relevant internal and external conditions. By capturing this business logic in an automated solution it becomes available to operators at all times. Next, the output of this business logic will be the input for predefined workflows. These will assure that all steps required to correctly handle the situation are executed correctly.

Capture and capitalize your optimisation opportunities

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