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29 July 2020

RWE and Energy21 operationalise the Dutch energy portfolio of RWE

Per July 2020, the asset swap between RWE and E.ON was completed. Energy21 supported RWE to set up a data management system to manage their Dutch portfolio.

As a result of the asset swap, the wind, solar and hydropower businesses as well as the biomass, biogas and gas storage activities were all transferred to RWE. With the transfer, RWE also became operationally responsible for the Dutch portfolio which used to be managed by Essent.

To comply to market regulations of Dutch supervisor ACM, Energy21 enabled RWE to set up messaging protocols, to process settlement and reconciliation messaging and to build their own register to communicate with DSO’s. Additionally, RWE is now able to check the quantitative and qualitative completeness of the received messages with the Allocation Management accelerator of the EBASE platform.

Carsten Behr, Team Lead Balancing Services, said: “Unbundling IT-support of international business services can be challenging. With the Corona virus we were forced to work remotely with project members in the UK, The Netherlands and Germany, but it went very well: in budget, on time. EBASE supports us in managing our portfolio while meeting the technical and regulatory requirements of market messaging in the Dutch gas market.”

The EBASE platform is a digital solution that processes great quantities of energy data and incorporates technical boundaries,  protocols and ensures compliancy to regulatory and legislative requirements.

“We appreciate to work with one of the largest energy players and are eager to support RWE in taking more advantage of our energy management services hosted from the cloud.” said Michiel Kuiper, CCO of Energy21. “Our EBASE platform offers a solid foundation for the growing amount in volumes of data and enables sophisticated analytics, while guaranteeing the quality in energy data management.”

More details of the RWE deal with E.ON can be found here: group RWE

About Energy21

Energy21 is founded in 1997 and has since established itself as long term partner for renowned energy companies. By combining expertise of the energy ecosystem with our digitalization capabilities, relevant data is transformed into actionable insights based, on the clients’ processes and within their regulatory framework. Our digital tools manage exceptionally large data streams (such as large balancing portfolios or complete industry site measurements) to gain business insights. These insights enable clients to achieve sustainability goals, improve cost effectiveness and capture market opportunities while guaranteeing security of supply.

Energy21 is located in The Netherlands (HQ) and is active in European countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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