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06 September 2022

USG partnered with Energy21 to implement its E-Vision

To perform their new role as ‘Future Collective’, Utility Support Group (USG) B.V. partnered with Energy21 for its energy expertise and data management solutions. USG is responsible for the production and distribution of utilities such as electricity, steam, technical gases, nitrogen, air and various types of water for about 50 companies on the Chemelot site.

The Chemelot industrial site (in the picture) in Geleen is unique because of its high degree of integration and synergy; it enables companies to produce competitively through energy exchange and recycling. USG reviewed its role as energy service company and determined which services offer more flexibility for customers and fit in Chemelot’s ambition to grow into the safest, most sustainable and competitive chemical site in Western Europe.

This resulted in the ‘E-vision-project’, a project that prepares the industrial site for the future energy market, but above all offers customers more choice. The supply side of energy needs to become more flexible and differentiated for its customers, so site-users have a broader choice of products to choose from: completely in line with their pricing strategy and risk management profile. USG will be able to tackle challenges that arise from the energy transition, like energy liquidity restraints and increasing price volatility. But the E-vision project is also value driven: ensuring the site attractiveness for (new) customers.

“At an industrial site such as Chemelot, it is crucial to fully understand the growing complexity of energy processes and ensure daily operations are ready to handle this” says Rico Luijten, Accountmanager USG. He continues: “The E-vision project will not only maintain the synergy at Chemelot but will also offer customers more transparency, with tailored and sustainable energy services.”

“Energy21 is really proud to support USG in optimising and to future proof the energy operations of the Chemelot Industrial Site. With our expertise of the energy market, we are able to implement data management solutions in the daily operations of USG” says Frank de Jong, Chief Commercial Officer. “Having the right data to base decisions on is key to prepare for the future.”

More details of USG can be found here: or check out their Linkedin page. Via this link you can find more information about the Chemelot site.

About Energy21

Since 1997, Energy21 combines its expertise of the energy market with its digitalisation capabilities. Sustainable solutions require solid and robust data management to adapt quickly to the energy market’s turbulent waters. Based on our clients’ processes, Energy21 provides data management solutions that comply to protocols and the regulatory framework, while guaranteeing the security of supply.

Energy21 is located in The Netherlands (HQ) and Portugal and is active in European countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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