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Energy Management

Optimize your portfolio of production and consumption, using energy data in our powerful EBASE timeseries engine. Combine asset and market data with extensive tooling like configurable processes, validations, formulas, dashboards, tasks and aggregations.


Data manipulation

Transform data into value using EBASE’s data manipulation features. Configure your own validation rules to enforce data quality. Structure and aggregate your meters. Apply intelligent formulas. Use virtual administrations to smartly partition portfolios. Import and calculate prices to include financial impacts. Configure custom workflows to support your business processes and many more.


Timeseries views & Dashboards

Apply standard or custom timeseries views and dashboards to visualize your energy data. Select and time-slice any-to-many timeseries to generate actionable insights.


Data exchange

Connect your IT landscape using our APIs and configurable integration tooling to unlock EBASE's full energy management and optimization potential.

Use case

Case: BASF

Enabling advanced utility management

Case: BASF

Powered by EBASE

EBASE gathers and organizes reliable, transparent and 24/7 available data, and allows for optimization of processes by providing smart and agile algorithms, modeling- and visualization tools, while seamlessly connecting to external systems.


24/7 Technical support

  • 24/7 standby service on critical business processes 
  • Provided by the standby support team for high priority issues

Cloud based hosting

  • Tailored private hosting
  • Primary in Europe and UK >99% SLA
  • Optional secondary region for failover
Want to know more? Get in touch with Bas.

Want to know more? Get in touch with Bas.

Schedule a free consultation with Bas Zwart, our Business Development Director, to experience our suite of software solutions.